Collection: Tubular Scarves

To try them is to adopt them.
They have several uses, from neck warmer, toque and headband, to name just a few.

Very practical in winter and summer, as a neck warmer to protect yourself from the cold, 
as a balaclava under a ski helmet. You can even use it
as a dust mask or to protect your face from mosquitoes.

Available in 45 designs, ranging from mammals, birds, flowers, marine scenes, and more.
100% polyester, durable sublimation printing guaranteeing colors that do not fade.
Certified ecological inks.

Here are some examples of possible uses in photos.
Do not hesitate to contact me to find out more and to see the catalog of models.

Delivery can be made to your door, contactless.
Payments possible by transfers or by bank card number by telephone.

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