Collection: Cushions

Discover our veloutine cushions, vibrant with color and designed to last, directly inspired by nature!

Each cushion we offer is more than just a product; it is a window onto the natural world, immortalized through my high-quality photographs of animals, flowers, and landscapes. With double-sided prints, the beauty of nature is not limited to just one side of our cushions. Using the advanced sublimation technique, the inks are heated and fused directly into the fibers of the veloutine, allowing every detail and color of my works to shine brilliantly. This process ensures that our cushions:

  • Do not fade : Wash them as much as you want, they will retain their vibrant colors and precise details as the first day.
  • Retain their authentic colors : Admire the vibrant shades of nature. Our cushions will remain vibrant and colorful, faithfully reflecting the original beauty of my photographs, year after year.
  • Offer Satisfaction Guaranteed : We are so confident in the quality and durability of our cushions, as well as the beauty of the images they carry, that we promise you complete satisfaction.

Transform your home into a sanctuary of natural beauty with our veloutine cushions, and let yourself be transported by the enduring beauty of nature.

100% Quebec products!!

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