Le Parc Forillon et ses merveilles

Forillon Park and its wonders

Of all the places I have had the chance to visit since my beginnings in wildlife photography, Parc Forillon is undoubtedly my favorite in Gaspésie. It is a quiet little corner of a quiet little corner located about twenty minutes from Gaspé.

I went there first out of curiosity and I'm not exaggerating when I say that I fell in love with this place.

Every year, this place had many surprises in store for me, whether through the observation of grouse, porcupine, seals and whales and also families of black bears.

I am sharing with you a photograph of one of my recent discoveries in this paradise.

It involves the encounter of a young red fox who was taking a little nap on a small rock platform.

Hoping that this place will allow you too to meet beautiful people and create fabulous memories.

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