Le papillon de plage

The beach butterfly

Each outdoor outing makes me discover nature in a different facet. Let's just say that I always end up finding inspiration. Sometimes I come across topics that I would have simply ignored in the past. 

When you go out for photos of deer, but end up coming back with images of butterflies, it can be disappointing for some.

For my part, I consider this a great discovery which brings diversity to my portfolio.

So let me tell you how my White-tailed Deer transformed into Morio.

It all starts at Parc du Bic, in the Ferme Rioux area. It's halfway  of my destination that a movement to my left caught my attention. I hastened to put down my tripod and prepare my camera, but I saw nothing.  It sometimes happens that the wind makes leaves twirl, which out of the corner of the eye we mistake for a bird or other small animal. I thought I saw another movement near me. This time, I managed to spot a small dark shape heading towards the beach. 

 It was when I arrived there and focused my attention on the sand and the algae that I finally saw the one I was looking for. 

A butterfly!! Its colors were certainly not as vibrant as the monarch, but it still had photographic potential. I found some interest in its wine red wings with light yellow tips. I must also point out that butterflies are not the easiest subjects to photograph because of their multiple flutters. But it remained static enough for me to capture it from several angles.

It was certainly not the subject I was initially aiming for, but it still made me happy.

So we can never be sure of what nature will offer us.

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