Le Grand duc des Maizerets

The Grand Duke of Maizerets

Camouflage is an important asset in the animal kingdom. Whether to stay hidden from predators or to wait for prey while remaining well in ambush. Nature does things well. Some species have developed

this art has such a point that searching for them becomes a real challenge. 

You must then learn to know the environment well and pay particular attention to each tree.

Observation becomes a little easier if we know, for example, the corner of the forest, see the tree where the animal usually frequents.

I put all this into practice for a great horned owl. I had heard that this owl had been seen at the Domaine des Maizerets in Quebec. So I took advantage of the end of a stay at Cap Tourmente to go take a look at the place.

 It must be said that the task was not as easy as expected.  You had to stay on the trails and the bird could hide on any tree further into the forest. 

After several minutes of intensive observations with binoculars and camera, I ended up spotting a small inconsistency on one of the trees. A small colored spot or a reflection of light? It was actually the eyes of the Grand Duke. I hasten to take several photographs. Looking at them more closely, I was surprised to see the extent to which the plumage of the Eagle Owl blended in with the color and relief of the bark.

Another great proof that nature is well done and that the evolution and adaptation of animals will never cease to impress us. 

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