Anecdotes photographiques №5: Le plectrophane solitaire

Photographic anecdotes №5: The solitary longspur

Last week's snow brought its share of bad and good surprises.
For my part, it was the observation of this unique Snow Bunting (also known as Longspur) that helped my day start off well.
I used to see a few of them around. Rare were the occasions when I observed a solitary.
However, this little feathered friend did not seem to have any companions nearby.
Let me tell you my surprise to see him so curious and not shy. He walked past where I was standing several times. He even came and sat on a rock less than a meter from me, staring at me for a few seconds before resuming his search for food.
It was 42 minutes of joy and ecstasy. Thank you my little friend for this wonderful moment and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
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