Anecdotes photographiques №3: Le phoque dormeur

Photographic anecdotes №3: The sleeping seal

Gaspésie is full of little corners of paradise where it is possible to observe nature and make extraordinary discoveries. Among these places, my favorites are around Percé and Gaspé.

I had heard about a colony of harbor seals in this area and made it my goal to find it at all costs before the end of my stay.

Finally, it was by talking with employees of Parc Forillon that I was able to find the place I was looking for. It is after having taken a small steep path in the forest that I arrive on a ledge overlooking the water. Beneath my feet were several seals resting on the rocks.

It was by remaining as discreet as possible at my observation point that I was able to admire different behaviors of the marine mammals, some of which were playing with each other and chasing each other. My eye was soon drawn to a seal of which only the head was visible emerging from the water. He was static, appearing to sleep. Not only was this situation worth photographing, but I also have to talk about the reflection of light on the surface of the water which gave a result worthy of an impressionist painting.

I must say that this moment was without a doubt the favorite part of my stay.

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